About Us

Georgia United is a newly formed collegiate gymnastics team that is comprised of athletes from any college or university in our state. Our members currently practice together once a week but are required to train outside of this wherever they can. We will compete in the GymACT program but encourage our members to join their school’s NAIGC program as well. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a gymnastics team that will be competitively successful at the collegiate level and ultimately lead the way to the creation of NCAA programs at Georgia’s top 3 schools. Our goal is not only to provide athletes with collegiate competition experience but also to help them develop leadership skills and grow as humans.

This team was formed out of the desire to provide more opportunities for athletes to compete at the collegiate level. We allow our members the flexibility to train individually, attending their respective schools, but gain the real team experiences and camaraderie that comes with competitions and events.

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